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Brand policy

Brand Promotion

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, Aisin AW Co., Ltd., merged business operations on April 1, 2021, making a new start as AISIN CORPORATION.
Our logo and brand slogan represent our hopes and ideas, as well as our determination to realize the brand we are aiming for.

The AISIN logo and Brand slogan



Development of the corporate logo is based on the company philosophy “Inspiring movement, creating tomorrow.” The large, rounded top of the typeface represent AISIN Group companies working together in unity to achieve ambitious goals. The forward-leaning, italicized text represents the energy and drive of AISIN employees as they achieve their dreams and aspirations to create a brighter future. Our logo represents the company we want to be, our hopes and ideals, as well as our determination to work toward achieving our goals.
The new Aisin brand slogan: “We Touch the Future” represents our company’s ideals and determination. “We” refers to the entire AISIN Group, brought together by each employee’s dreams and aspirations to help create a safe and comfortable future for everyone. “Touch” indicates our intention to always dream of creating a more beautiful planet, our determination to touch the future, and help change it with our own hands. Our slogan represents the essence of our company’s ideals and determination. We will continue to formulate new ideas and consider how we need to act in order to achieve our corporate philosophy.


Corporate Principles

A word that expresses the AISIN Group management philosophy 
Inspiring “movement”, creating tomorrow



Mission“Why we exist”
We will deliver beauty to our future earth, bringing freedom and happiness to “movement”.

Vision “How we see the future”
We will act on our dreams and aspirations, show concrete solutions to environmental and social challenges, focusing on the evolution of “movement” by way of clean power as the core and create a safe and comfortable future for everyone.

Value “What we strive to give”

  • To our colleagues, growth and happiness
    We will be a company that respects diversity and individual personalities and takes on challenges, one in which our people can act independently and aspire to contribute to society, where they can sense their own growth, take reward from their work, and find happiness in their lives.
  •  To our customers, inspiration and trust
    We will innovate secure, comfortable, and convenient mobility, that delivers happiness and inspiration towards “movement,” with new value that exceeds customer expectations.
  • To the future, a sustainable environment
    We will contribute to creating a better environment through electrification of mobility and clean power that makes effective use of energy for a society that is in harmony with nature and where everyone can live with peace of mind.


Three strengths of AISIN Group

Capitalizing on three core strengths, it’s the objective of AISIN Group to be a world class vehicle dynamics system partner for driving, turning, stopping and comfort.

Outstanding technology development

  • Global development framework
  • Development of a wide range of advanced technology through collaborations
  • Unique integrated evaluation framework


Excellent manufacturing

  • Employee development combining passing on existing skills and innovation
  • Pursuing excellence in production technology
  • Global manufacturingexperience


Cohesive strength as a group

  • Wide-ranging business domain

With specialized expertise in a wide range of business fields, we are able to meet a wide range of needs in areas that range from our core mobility business to fields such as energy.


Brand Protection


“No Counterfeit Parts”

AISIN hasbeen actively involved in preventing the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products. In addition to our own efforts, AISIN is also participating with the “NO Counterfeit Parts” movement in conjunction with the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA).

Our goal is to eliminate counterfeit parts through individual and organized group efforts. If you have any information on the sale or production of counterfeit items, please contact your local representatives immediately or you may send us information directly using the Contact Form.


“Don’t Produce! Don’t Sell! Don’t Buy!”

Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA) is providing a series of posters as part of the “No Counterfeit Parts” movement. To provide international awareness of illegal activities, posters are available in several key languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Please contact your local sales representatives to receive posters and additional information.