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Brake system

For superior braking performance and high-quality control, AISIN Brakes, Brake Pads, Brake Calipers, Brake Cylinders, Brake Boosters and Wheel Cylinders are now available under the ADVICS brand.  ADVICS stands for Advanced Intelligent Chassis Systems and provides a full range of top-quality components for the braking systems of European and Asian vehicles of many models and sizes.

  • OE-quality braking performance
  • OE-matched brake pads, brake callipers, brake master cylinders, brake boosters
  • Extensive range for small vehicles to medium duty trucks
  • Longer brake pad and rotor life thanks to non-steel organic formula
  • Worry-free replacement

Brake Pads

Like every AISIN part, our Brake Pads are produced to the highest quality for confident and reliable operation. OE-matched production means ‘like-for-like’ replacement and worry-free

Brake Caliper

AISIN Brake Calipers hold the Brake Pads and squeeze them against the disc to reduce the vehicle’s speed. AISIN’s high quality replacement Brake Calipers offer

Brake Master Cylinder

AISIN Brake Master Cylinders are a key component of the braking system, transforming mechanical force (from pushing the brake pedal) into hydraulic pressure (to activate

Brake Booster

Boosting brake efficiency, AISIN Brake Boosters are servo units that deliver precise air pressure to the brake master cylinder. Using negative pressure generated by the

Brake Wheel Cylinder

AISIN Wheel Cylinders are made to the highest quality to maximize performance and product life. Now available for a wide range of European and Japanese