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Engine system

AISIN Engine System parts are in our comprehensive portfolio of products for the automotive aftermarket. As one of the world’s leading OE suppliers, our service to the aftermarket is based on precision engineering, tight tolerances, delivering exactly the same levels of quality to our AM customers.
All our Engine System parts are OE matched, giving drivers the reassuring confidence of long-lasting and durable replacements.


When it comes to automotive components, reliability is essential. Whether you’re hitting the road for a daily commute or embarking on a cross-country adventure, having

Oil Pump

AISIN Oil Pumps deliver ideal oil pressure to the engine without creating excess load. Precision engineered and OE-matched, AISIN Oil Pumps extend engine life by

Timing Chain Cover

AISIN Timing Chain Covers deliver optimal cooling and lubrication, with optimal protection for vital moving parts. Best when equipped with an AISIN brand Water Pump,

Hydraulic Belt Tensioner

AISIN Hydraulic Timing Belt Tensioners automatically adjust to deliver optimal tension to the Timing Belt. Developed by AISIN OE Engineering, AISIN Hydraulic Tensioners have a

Oil Control Valve

AISIN Oil Control Valves connect to the engine’s control module, determining how much oil is released into the Variable Valve Timing sprockets. Ultra-compact and light


Pistons, the heart of an engine, require absolute reliability. With high quality and a rigorous quality control system, AISIN pistons are on the cutting edge