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AISIN also supplies transmission systems


Throughout the history, AISIN has developed added-value products and has been able to meet the ever-diversifying needs within the automotive industry. Therefore, our experts work with highly advanced technology.



Since the development of the RWD 3-speed AT in 1972, AISIN holds top global share in automatic transmissions for both passenger and commercial vehicles and has produced over 10 million transmissions per year. In addition to automatic transmissions, AISIN developed manual transmissions as well as environmentally friendly products such as CVTs and hybrid transmissions.
Consequently, working on cutting-edge technology allowed us to develop next-generation product from the early stage of Electrification too.
The accumulation of these experiences and technological know-how enabled our products to be adopted by automakers around the world.

Coupled with AISIN clutches, flywheels and other drivetrain related products, our transmissions will give your engines the ability to deliver maximum power and will ensure an efficient transmission of power.


  • Lightweight, compact and high performance
  • Improved torque efficiency
  • High precision shift structure and reduced shifting force
  • Reduced gear noise
  • Improved fuel consumption by a wider gear ratio

Further, delivering best performance to the powertrain, AISIN manual transmissions can be fitted on various vehicles as genuine transmissions.

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