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AISIN aiming for a better future

The implementation year

Since last year, the Aisin Group has been working on a management integration project. The idea being renew the Group and changing it into a company that can shape a new era. In order to overcome difficulties and to create a strong driving force a full transition will be done.



The new company philosophy consists of “inspiring movement, creating tomorrow.”  A new logo and brand slogan will represent our determination of working together in unity to achieve more ambitious goals.


Our mission, our vision, our values

The new Aisin Group philosophy is based on the purpose to deliver beauty, freedom and happiness on our future earth. The future of Aisin is to propose concrete solutions to environmental and social challenges. Having the evolution of “movement” as focus, using clean power as the core and create a safe and comfortable future for everyone. Our efforts will be put into actions to bring more value to our colleagues (diversity, individual contribution and growth), to our customers (innovate in mobility and exceed customers expectations), to the future (create a more sustainable environment).

Aisin Group at CES2021

The Aisin Group revealed some technologies and innovative systems for transportation, Logistics Support Services. Aisin exhibited its frame-model product demonstration vehicle, i-mobility Type-T, equipped with a wide range of the latest products in the AISIN Group lineup but also the i-mobility TYPE-C20, an automated, shuttle bus-like ride-sharing vehicle designed for future community use and equipped with image and voice recognition technologies. A new mobility approach that raised customer’s excitement.

The Aisin Group has created a variety of services for a more convenient and secure society. The Location Based Services Platform is a good illustration of the future mobility offering services using big data collected from actual vehicles with Aisin Group products.

Toyota, as 2020 World’s Top-Selling Carmaker

Despite the ongoing pandemic Toyota Motor Corporation outperformed significantly well in 2020. 9.53 million new vehicles were sold last year. As a result, Toyota reclaimed the first position overtaking Volkswagen as the world’s bestselling car manufacturer.

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