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“AISIN is confident having a role to play in Europe with the ability to contribute to the automotive world”

Interview with Yosuke Tateishi, Aftermarket Senior Coordinator

Please tell us more about you: what is your background? How many years have you been working for AISIN? What have been your responsibilities so far?

I have studied Electronics and Physics at Kyushu Institute of Technology University, I joined AISIN as Engineer in 2003.

My responsibilities have been the development of 2 projects:

Firstly, develop fuel cell batteries that generate power (electricity) by combining hydrogen and oxygen along with fuel supply. This technology innovation has been used on Toyota Mirai for several years. This is the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that has been commercialized where water has the role of the exhaust.

But very soon, a new business department providing healthcare and biologic products opened at AISIN and for which support was needed so I worked on the development of laser equipment. These appliances are used by surgeons to treat cataract.

From 2007 until 2009, I have been working as volunteer in Namibia, Africa. I was teaching mathematics to high school students. This was a really intense experience. The country is developing slowly, the education conditions are not good and there are very limited resources of science teachers. It was important for me to give my support to these people.

In 2009, back to AISIN, I restarted lasers development with a new position from Engineer to Sales. This was my new mission until 2017. I have asked for this career move because I wanted not only to make products but also to understand how, where, when people use them, figure out the problem they are trying to solve and collect direct feedback.

Thanks to this close link with the market, I felt my function more attractive. Then, I joined the Aftermarket department and hence switched to the automotive business.

“…our transmission parts haven’t reached enough of our customers at this stage”

What is your vision on the Aftermarket business?

My function in Aftermarket based in Japan for 5 years was Product Development. I wanted to make people enjoy their cars and provide good quality parts to them. Now, moving to AISIN offices in Belgium, my role is evolving to Business Development for Europe and Russia.

Aftermarket is growing, AISIN is confident having a role to play in Europe with the ability to contribute to the automotive world. Business isn’t easy, however, our team is professional and has a positive mindset. I am sure we will make good progress together.

What are your perspectives/your mission for 2022 and beyond?  Photo portrait

Just arrived at AISIN Europe, I am excited to listen to what people need so that we can find out what we will be our next strategic step to improve the mobility here in Europe and Russia. But I have already noticed that our transmission parts haven’t reached enough of our customers at this stage. This will be our objective to provide transmissions and their components to Europe and Russia.

Moreover, our ambition is to grow the Aftermarket team and further contribute to the society. We should be able to listen to our customers carefully in order to fit their needs. A bigger team can create bigger impact and make people happier at every level.

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