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Ultra-small EV Drive Unit newly developed and mounted in Toyota “C+POD”

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kariya, Aichi Prefecture; President: Kiyotaka Ise) has newly developed a drive unit for ultra-small EVs, which was installed in the Toyota Motor Corporation ” C+pod ” released in december.
The ” C+pod ” is a two-seater ultra-small EV intended for everyday travel. Users can easily use the vehicle for shopping and going out, regardless of age or gender. It can also be used by businesses for short-distance travel, such as visits to their customers. Toyota Motor Corporation developed the “C+pod” as a new category of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Using its technologies and expertise built from years of transmission development, the Aisin Group has proposed a wide variety of electric drive units, such as hybrid transmissions and eAxle, that facilitate vehicle electrification.

The newly developed product employs the structure of E-Four, which is an electric 4WD unit mounted for rear-wheel drive in the Toyota Prius released in 2016. The product has been newly developed as the main drive of ultra-small electric vehicles in a new category. While, with 4WD running ratio in mind, the electric 4WD unit incorporates an induction motor (with no permanent magnet), which is free of loss caused by magnetic drag force, the present product uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor to deliver high power for use as a main drive. Moreover, changing the gear train configuration from two shafts to three shafts has reduced the product size in the axial direction (width), allowing it to be mounted on narrow-width vehicles.

Aisin will continue to pursue the development of new products and technologies that support the electrification of automobiles and contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment.

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