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New additions to product range


Ride Height Sensor, a component of vehicle safety! 

Engineered to exacting OE specifications, AISIN Height Control Sensor is a vital component of the HID Automatic Light Leveling Control System.

Ride height sensor is a component used in an air suspension system to signal a control unit when the vehicle is riding low or high. In response to this signal, compressed air is either sent to or vented from the air springs. Some vehicles, most often those with HID headlights, have an automatic headlight leveling system. This system automatically keeps the headlights adjusted for optimal road illumination and to prevent glare that could blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles. Sensors detect changes in vehi​cle attitude caused by passenger or cargo weight and vehicle accelera​tion or braking. These signals are sent to an electronic control unit that in turn commands electric mo​tors to adjust the headlight angle.

Product features:

  • Assembly includes sensor and linkage arm (adjustable or non-adjustable)
  • Sends continuous electric signals to the computer
  • Maintains the correct headlight alignment and/or suspension height.

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