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AISIN brings you the Excellence

Happy New Year 2021!

The Aisin Family presents you his Best Wishes. 2020 was a tough year and we would like to thank you for your support and good cooperation despite the crisis. We are looking forward to an improvement soon in order to be able to meet you again face-to-face. In the meantime, the development of our product range is continuing…



AISIN is now a full line supplier for Brake Master Cylinder components for the entire Toyota HILUX range (and Fortuner model range where available) across all the generations. Our latest edition is BMTS-052 which complements the existing range.



An Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) adds mechanisms for automating manual clutch operation and gear shifting to a conventional manual transmission. Since 2003, the Toyota Yaris are equipped with Aisin’s automated manual transmissions. The AMT has become the transmission of choice for the Corolla Diesel, Yaris Diesel, Suzuki Swift, and more.
Cars with electric motor automated manual transmissions from Aisin were proven to offer about 4% better fuel economy than those with typical manual transmissions, while, at the same time, were more reasonably priced than fully automatic transmission cars.


  • Comfort: smooth gear shifting
  • Drivability: add-on system to manual transmission to achieve easy drive of automatic shifting (conventional Easy mode or Sporty mode)
  • Improved fuel economy

Please note that all AMT clutches are not equal!
Cheaper versions by-pass the self-adjusting pressure plate (patented) Aisin Technology. When it wears, the friction material will get thinner while the load of the cover remains constant. The clutch will start to slip when engaging the clutch. The situation will deteriorate rapidly, and the pressure plate won’t be able to provide the correct clampload for the friction to adhere to the mating surface of the flywheel/pressure plate.
To ensure longevity, we strongly recommend you original AISIN products.

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